Create A Culture of Well-Being

Avail is a member engagement, productivity, and well-being management solution.

Avail helps organizations measure and manage the wellness of their employees while reinforcing a culture of well-being and resilience. This allows leaders to track the efficacy of their wellness initiatives, iterate on them in real-time and optimize resource allocation.

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Not Another Well-Being App.

Apps are great, but establishing true organizational well-being requires culture change. We help forward-thinking organizations successfully implement a system for well-being management to support the long-term health of their employees. Our holistic solution helps employees take control of their well-being by establishing four key pillars.



Understand & Take Action.

Our ever-growing toolbox of scientifically validated, self-directed resources help members deal with challenges in the moment and build resilience for the future.

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Build Community

A Sustainable Support System.

Community building features reduce the stigma and awkwardness of well-being conversations by encouraging members to add close friends and family to their Avail support network.



Scientifically Validated. Action Oriented Insights.

Brief weekly mental health & well-being check-ups that detect issues early, direct members towards care resources and identify when the organization as a whole is at risk.



The Right Help, At The Right Time.

Discreet access to an online, 24/7 on-demand network of care professionals & resources that can help members tackle challenges and take on their mental health & well-being goals.


A Solution Designed for the Real World.

Deploy & Measure Tailored Workplace Learning Solutions

You see value in introducing a well-being solution, but are unsure of how to make it a success within your organization. That's what we're here for! Avail has decades of expertise in helping teams large and small understand what they can do to help their members thrive.

What Your Organization Can Expect

Guaranteed 5x+ engagement as compared to traditional wellness programs.

5x Traditional Engagement

50%+ of members see stress levels return to "normal" after counselling.

50% Reduction in Stress

Members who use counselling take an average of 25-50% less days off.

25% Reduction in Days Off

Are you a Care-Driven Organization?

Avail can provide you with real-time insights on challenge areas and resource consumption patterns for your people. Book a demo today to learn more!