Employee Health Support

Managed Abilities Program MAP™


An award-winning, early intervention program developed to reduce employee time away from work by assisting individuals to improve their overall wellness.

Developed in consultation with Physicians, Employers, and Union Representation, the MAP™ program is the only initiative of its kind in North America, allowing us to deliver unparalleled service to our clients.


The program is based on a simple yet innovative philosophy: That healthy workers want to be at work. People want to feel productive, and given the right support, will be active in improving their own health recovery and productivity under any circumstances.

Compassion • Clarity • Success

Our compassionate approach to care ensures the highest concern for individual wellness while assisting individuals to navigate the healthcare system.  Bridges Health has endeavored to address critical success factors and believes that the program:


  • Meets employee needs, thereby reducing the overall costs of impairment

  • Provides clarity in identifying genuine health concerns versus performance issues

  • Ensures compliance with the duty to accommodate, a safe workplace, and other legislative obligations


Our Managed Abilities Program (MAP™) success rates consistently exceed a 30 percent reduction in absence reported throughout the organization. Our efforts and assistance result in a healthier workforce, significant cost savings, increased productivity, and improved workplace culture.

MAP™ - Wellness Support


 This program was developed to be a proactive support system designed to assist individuals in the workplace that are struggling with presenteeism and/or absenteeism due to illness and/or injury.  

Employees who are struggling with illness and/or injury can often feel overwhelmed and/or not sure what next steps can be taken. As a result, employees may be physically present in the workplace, but may be distracted or not 100% engaged, which leads to increased risk of accident and decreased productivity.  The MAP™ program supports the individual through this already stressful time and provides a support system that can assist the person through the diagnosis and recovery phases.  


We provide individualized assistance to the employee while ensuring the employer and healthcare professionals receive the necessary information to implement/guide early intervention and return-to-work planning.  We ensure the employee receives the care they need and takes an active role in their recovery.  Our proactive intervention programming has dramatically reduced short- and long-term disability claims.”

Our program ensures that employees are treated with compassion and sincerity, and all solutions outlined are developed specific to the needs of the individual in conjunction with their role in the workplace. At Bridges Health, we believe that people want to contribute and feel productive in all aspects of their lives.

Adaptable to all sectors of business, the MAP™ program offers a flexible, scale-able approach to provide consistent, sustainable results regardless of organizational complexities and sizes.

MAP™ - Injury Support
Rapid Response

Accidents happen!  Whether an injury happens at work or at home, it may still have an affect on your life and impact your time at work.  With our early injury intervention service, Bridges Health consultants are available to accompany employees to medical appointments both to support employees in their time of need, as well as to act as an advocate for improved timelines on referrals, expedited procedures, further education for injured employees, and follow up appointments. Our consultants provide information regarding modified duties available in the workplace to Physicians and medical providers, in an effort to mitigate time loss, and reduce the employee’s time away from work.

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