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Short & Long-Term Disability

Claim Management

Bridges Health works with employers and insurance providers to manage short and long-term claim files, working towards a common goal of assisting our clients to improved health coordination and recovery, vocational rehabilitation, and claim resolution. Our goal is to ensure all claimants receive appropriate treatment and care for their health concerns. Our extensive network of health professionals enables us to coordinate necessary health consultations, assessments, etc., to improve the overall wellness and rehabilitation of disability claimants. In cases where the individual may be unable to return to their previous employment role, our Consultants offer vocational testing and services to assist them in exploring alternate employment options for successful reintegration to the workforce, and ultimately, return to function.

Technology Solutions: 

ErgoWorks:  An AI driven ergonomics, safety, injury prevention & return to work platform


SmartHub:  An interactive claim management system using real-time reporting