Disability Claim Management

Disability Management Services

Bridges Health provides management of short- and long-term employee disability claim files, including  Adjudication/Administrative Services Only (ASO) and WCB claim management, working towards a common goal of assisting claimants to improved health coordination and recovery, vocational rehabilitation, claim resolution, and cost relief. Our goal is to ensure all claimants receive appropriate treatment and care for their individual health concerns. Our extensive network of health professionals enables us to coordinate necessary health consultations, assessments, etc., to improve the overall wellness and rehabilitation of disability claimants.

Bridges Health Provides:

  • Telephonic & Face to Face Initial Assessments

  • Healthcare Coordination

  • Return-to-Work Planning and Implementation

  • Vocational Services (Transferable Skills Analysis, Labour Market Survey)

WCB Claim Management

Bridges Health will conduct file reviews on existing WCB claims to ensure employers and employees have received appropriate case management. Our consultants will review all documentation, meet with the employee and provide appropriate recommendations. We will also meet with medical providers and create rehabilitation plans which are signed by all treatment providers and the employee. Formalized return-to-work plans are created, and all stakeholders are accountable.

Bridges Health will apply for cost relief on behalf of employers when appropriate and manage the process until all financial relief is applied to the employer account.

Short- and Long-Term Disability Claim Management

Bridges Health will manage all active files and work with the employer and insurer alike to resolve claims. Our goal is to ensure that all employees receive the appropriate treatment. Our Consultants can personally meet with the employees, complete an Initial Assessment and provide recommendations. By working with our network of professionals, we coordinate services such as Independent Medical Exams, Surgical consults etc. Our consultants can meet with the medical providers and the employer to coordinate return to work programs.

Adjudication/Administrative Services Only (ASO) Services

Bridges Health can provide assistance with adjudication claims for organizations with self-funded weekly indemnity benefits or short-term disability plans.  Our consultants will assess and adjudicate the claim and inform the employer of our recommendation regarding eligibility for STD benefits. 


Bridges Health will provide:

  • Options for care and after-care (if applicable)

  • Active case management from initiation to close including all communications, documentations, and costs

  • Maintained contact with the employee and requests of any additional medical information as necessary

  • Facilitated gradual and/or modified return-to-work planning

  • Confirmation of the employee’s return-to-work date

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