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Bridges Health offers our HR expertise in complex cases on an immediate basis

In many cases, organizations have an existing Human Resources team and existing policies in place regarding attendance, occupational health and safety, disability management etc. However, regardless of the strength of the internal team, there are times where outside resources may be needed to assist with complex cases, advise on best business practices, support specific individuals, and advise on strategies for overall wellness within an organization. 


Although the issue is of utmost importance, the need doesn’t always require additional internal resources.  Bridges Health offers our expertise and resources on an immediate basis to assist and consult with your internal teams regarding best business practice, human resources, labour standards, and/or advice on complex cases. 

Areas We Can Assist In

  • Employee SupportPreventative intervention for illness and/or injury; patterned absences, stay at work initiatives.


  • Return-to-Work Planning – Employer and employee responsibility in duty to accommodate, job bundling, task rotation or modification, physical demands analysis.


  • Short and Long-Term Disability Management – Advice on best practice, early intervention, complex case resolution involving physical and mental health and/or combining co-morbid factors.


  • Psychological Health and Safety – Implementing the National Standard, best practice, return to work with mental health, etc.


  • Community Resources – Private or out of province health care options, alternative and complementary therapies, and global treatment options.


  • Workplace Injury Management – claims filing advice, statement taking, early intervention, appeals, etc.



At Bridges Health, we pride ourselves on keeping up to date with the newest health technologies, industry best practice and thinking outside the box. We have facilitated our services in unionized and private organizations who employ from a handful to several thousand employees. 


We can be available by telephone, video conference or in person to consult and provide advice on any of the above areas.

The Consulting Team

Daryn Willis

Operations Manager

Stephanie Hernandez

Managing Consultant

Hamza Noor

Health Services Consultant

Russ Warner

Vocational Rehabilitation Consultant

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