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Vocational Services

Bridges Health works with insurance providers, employers, and individuals, offering various vocational services working towards a common goal of assisting individuals in improved health coordination and recovery, vocational rehabilitation, and claim resolution. Our Consultants offer vocational testing and services to help the client explore alternate employment options for successful reintegration into the workforce, and ultimately, return to function.

Technology Solutions: 

ErgoWorks:  An AI driven ergonomics, safety, injury prevention & return to work platform

Return to Work Case Management

Through our return-to-work planning programs and services, we can develop a detailed, personalized strategy. One of our qualified return to work professionals will work closely with you and your claimant to assess their abilities and limitations to provide the most appropriate treatment plan and recommendations. Along with job coaching in the workplace, we can also assess the job site and develop a plan to bridge workplace obstacles, such as ergonomic modifications.

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Labour Market Survey

The "Labour Market" is the big-picture view of employment in a specific location or industry. A Bridges Health Consultant can conduct a Labour Market Survey to seek out the detailed information your organization or insurance agency is seeking. These statistics, forecasts, and reports on the labour market can help businesses match workers with employment needs, which results in lower unemployment, a higher-performing workforce, and a more prosperous economy.

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Transferable Skills Analysis Assessments

A transferable skills analysis (TSA) is a helpful tool utilized by vocational professionals to determine a client's existing skills and aptitudes that could transfer to alternate occupations.  A TSA considers skills learned through employment and education/training, hobbies, and recreational and volunteer activities.  During a TSA assessment, the assessor performs a thorough intake, capturing information on the client's social, educational and employment history, and current medical symptoms and limitations (physical, psychological and/or cognitive) that impact their vocational capacities.

Job Interview

Job Search & Career Guidance

Bridges Health offers employment services such as:

  • Resume development

  • Interview preparation

  • Job search services

  • One on one career and employment counselin


Our employment preparation provides clients with a feeling of independence, self-respect, and success in the job market.