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As we all know, the stress of home and work, as well as the COVID-19 pandemic, has had a significant impact on both our mental health and overall wellness of our population. We are pleased to offer this webinar series that will touch on many subject and is an extension of our Foundations of mental wellness program that we have offered in the past.

Nutrien Ag Solutions, in conjunction with Bridges Health, will be offering a comprehensive series providing a solid understanding and practical skills that will assist us in achieving and maintaining mental health and well-being. Each module will take a close look at specific topics related to mental health, such as resilience, trauma, communication, respect, and supporting others using the 6 P’s as the overarching guideline. 

The series is in five modules, each being in a 90 min live webinar format.  Each module will have multiple date options to help ensure people can attend as we feel it is essential to participate in all modules.  


All sessions will be from 9:00 am- 10:30 am CST.


Contact info@bridgeshealth.com to be placed on a waitlist for futures sessions.

Series #1 (FULL): 

  • September 2

  • September 16

  • September 30

  • October 14

  • October 28

Series #2: (FULL)

  • September 9

  • September 23

  • October 7

  • October 21

  • November 4

Series #3 (2021): (FULL)

  • January 6

  • January 20

  • February 3

  • February 17

  • March 3

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