Conduct reliable self assessments and provide self-guided training to make sustainable office ergonomics changes - using the latest in ergonomics research.

Reduce Risks

Complete fast and accurate self-assessments proven to reduce ergonomics risks.

Prioritize Changes

Prioritize where ergonomics changes can make the biggest impact in your organization.


Customize your assessments and furniture recommendations to match your organizational needs.


Graphical depictions of your office demands, and the ROSA score make understanding office ergonomics easy.


Easily know what office ergonomics changes need to happen.

The ROSA Summary Report takes the latest in office ergonomics research, and breaks it down into a concise, easy to read report. The ROSA score lets you know if changes need to happen right now. Product recommendations are provided based on the worker, and the work they do.

ROSA makes office ergonomics fast, easy and accurate.

ROSA self-assessments make it easy for your workers to correct ergonomics issues before they cause discomfort. Get the most out of your existing office furniture before buying new equipment. Understand where your resources can be best allocated to deliver your biggest return on investment.

Empower Employees

The Rapid Office Strain Assessment (ROSA) empowers employees to take control of their own office ergonomics, allowing them to complete risk assessments themselves.

Customized Recommendations

When employees complete their assessments, your administrator is given access to their assessment results. If there were any issues that couldn’t be addressed through adjustment, ROSA offers equipment recommendations customized to the worker and their office to optimize workstation ergonomics.

Adjustments, Without the Cost

ROSA presents a video-guided training program to help employees make adjustments to their offices, and is proven to improve ergonomics and reduce musculoskeletal discomfort - all without having to buy new office furniture.

Department and Company Overviews

Your administrator can view assessment results at the individual, department, or company level, and let ROSA proactively guide their decisions as to where to allocate their resources for future ergonomic interventions.

The Gold Standard

While other office ergonomics assessment software exists, none have undertaken the type of scientific validation that ROSA has. ROSA is the gold standard for self-guided office ergonomics assessment and management.


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