MyAbilities Webinar

June 21, 2018

Absenteeism related to injury, illness, or disability is a significant expense to an employer. Studies have shown that by having a database of pre-defined physical demands analyses, organizations can reduce return-to-work time by 42%. Here is where we can help!


Bridges Health is thrilled to announce its partnership with MyAbilities, which offers a revolutionary software platform that is transforming how employers quantify and communicate the functional requirements of their workforce, hire and train the right employees, keep their workers safe and effectively manage their injuries. 

MyAbilities is an innovative new integrated platform which, at its core, offers employers an opportunity to create a database of comprehensive, objective digital job profiles describing the functional characteristics and physical demands of every job type at their company. It is customizable to reflect the job demands specific to each employee, which offers an employer key benefits including more efficient hiring and training practices, ergonomic improvements aimed at mitigating higher-risk physical demands, and a wide array of preventive and fitness applications, designed to “harden” employees’ capacity to better sustain their current job activities without injury. 


MyAbilities allows employers to better manage their valuable human resources, using state-of-the-art technologies such as video kinematics and artificial intelligence. MyAbilities provides employers with a platform to create, manage, maintain and communicate their unique job profiles, while also providing employees with the ability to self-assess their individual work environment to identify and minimize the risk of job injury — resulting in reduced occupational injuries, expedited return to work, ergonomically sound workplaces and lower claim costs.


Value Proposition: 
•    Adopt or customize any of 32,000 Digital Job Profiles creating a comprehensive  databank covering all your company’s occupations; 
•    See quantified demand scores for each job, compared to other job demands in your company and industry, supporting risk mitigation, and optimal job placement; 
•    Use the MyAbilities proprietary physical demands analysis (PDAi) to automate your Digital Job Profiles using video kinematics with artificial intelligence (coming later this year); 
•    Improve hiring practices by using Digital Job Profiles for post-offer testing; 
•    Initiate ergonomic modifications and job-specific training and fitness programs that enhance safety and minimize risk of injury; 
•    Use the rapid office strain assessment tool (ROSA) for video-guided online ergonomic workspace modifications, self-administered by office workers; 
•    Facilitate earlier return-to-work/life functionality and effective treatment monitoring by timely sharing of Digital Job Profiles with payers and health providers; and 
•    Implement appropriate job placement after recovery with our automated job-matching analytics. 


To learn more about this program we are offering a free, no-commitment, live version demo of the platform.


Register today for your sneak peek!







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