For Insurers & TPAs

Getting injured workers back to work quicker.

Efficiently and accurately understand the demands of claimants’ jobs, leading to effective claim and medical management decisions for returning them to work and health after an injury or illness.

The Traditional Way

Static spreadsheets, daunting data, and no method for communicating between your entire health team.

With Bridges ErgoWorks

Vibrant, easy to understand, and succinct digital Job Demands Analyses, incorporating graphic and video displays.

The Bridges ErgoWorks platform will help you:

Understand an injured worker’s pre-injury functional and cognitive needs.

Make more informed claim decisions through understanding risk factors of workplace injuries.

Eliminate treatment delays and develop efficient and effective return-to work strategies.

Manage expectations, outcomes and administrative costs.

Claim and Medical Management Tools

An effective alternative to traditional management practices, providing information that can be electronically and securely shared and updated between all stakeholders. Claim adjusters, case managers, treating physicians and rehabilitation therapists all benefit from the profiles and assessment tools in our integrated platform.

Causation Analysis

Helping to differentiate occupational from non-occupational conditions, founded on evidence-based medical research.

Bridges Ergo Works’ proprietary causation analytics tool is a critical step for claim adjusters in determining compensability. Diagnosis-specific questions and responses utilize an automated scoring methodology to guide you towards an “occ or non-occ” decision.

Coming Soon.

Digital Job Profiles

Customized and dynamic Digital Job Profiles that automate the traditional method of conducting an analysis of physical demands.

Digital Job Profiles provide immediate access to an accurate, standardized Job Profile at the time that first notice of loss is received, initiating prompt and well-informed claim and medical management. Use Digital Job Profiles for placing returning employees, comparing an individual’s current functional status against job activities, and to monitor treatment modifications and progress.

Yellow Flag Analysis

Identifying psychosocial factors that may impact the duration and success of recovery for an injured worker.

The “yellow flag” analysis tool uses brief, standardized and validated questions to provide an early indication of psychosocial recovery barriers. High risk levels call for specialized resources to address these issues and promote timely return to work.

Coming Soon.

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