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All sessions were recorded and can be viewed until June 6th, 2021

In a year unlike any other, we have overcome many challenges and hardships. While we wish we could be together in person, it is more important than ever to stay connected. Join us for this amazing half-day session with world-renowned speakers to learn about resilience and hope. Breaking Barriers 2021 will be held virtually, allowing individuals from around the world to connect together and increase understanding of mental health to decrease the stigma.

Breaking Barriers is a fundraising event, with the event proceeds being donated back to mental wellness initiatives in Saskatchewan. 


Introduction  |  8:30 AM

Robin Joy Meyers  |  8:45 AM

Round Table Discussions  |  10:00 AM

Joe Roberts  |  11:00 AM

Closing  |  12:00 PM


$99 / person


The theme of Breaking Barriers 2021 is centered around hope.


The event will identify “what keeps you up at night,” as well as “what gets you out of bed in the morning.” We recognize the challenges isolation, loneliness, and fatigue can have on one’s mental wellbeing, and understand the positive impact connection, education, and vulnerability provides.


Our goal is to continue to change the conversations on mental health among families, friends, neighbours, and strangers, empowering individuals to better understand their own mental health and support others.

Meet The Speakers

Robin Joy Meyers

Isolation & Loneliness

The physical effects of loneliness and isolation are as real as thirst, hunger, or pain. Although we are in an age of instant global connectivity, with our use of email, texting, and smartphones, professional and social media, we’re actually feeling more alone than ever. In this vulnerable and inspiring talk, Robin Joy Meyers reminds us that we are enough and that by relying on the science of neuroplasticity, we can change our habits and create the life we are meant to live. Robin Joy Meyers is an international speaker, fear strategist, author, radio host, and molecular geneticist. Robin Joy specializes in science-based strategies and techniques for self-awareness, mindset, leadership, balance/boundaries, and the positive power of fear to empower individuals with tools to be put into action immediately.

Joe Roberts


In this keynote, Joe teaches how to build the resiliency needed to overcome life’s challenges and embrace change. As you walk with Joe through the tough streets of East Vancouver in the 1980’s, you will experience the depths and degradation of a former hopeless, homeless drug addict, to the heights and triumph of a successful entrepreneur. Using a research based behavioural change model, participants will evaluate their current state of resiliency and learn how to crush unproductive habits while developing a high-performance mindset. Participants leave with tools they can use immediately to create their own inspired results. Joe is a treasured Canadian whose life story embodies the resiliency of the human spirit. His message is inspiring, energetic, humorous, honest, raw and unforgettable.

Interactive Round-Table Discussions

Attendees will choose a topic from a variety of intimate and engaging moderator-led 'mini sessions'. Participants will have the opportunity to engage in conversations, ask questions, discuss ideas, and express opinions and stories in a safe-space setting.

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James Brayshaw

Saskatchewan Mental Health Training & Support Teams

Headshot - Angellah Brayshaw.png

Angellah Brayshaw

Saskatchewan Mental Health Training & Support Teams 

Navigating Change to Successful Transition


Change is inevitable, but transition is intentional. Any change has the possibility to shift us off balance and put us in a crisis, so learn practical strategies to manage these transitions in a healthy way. Consider behavioral adaptations and cognitive restructuring in order to maintain a sense of control when faced with the positive or negative changes life will bring.

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Alex Fallon


Leon Ferguson

STREAM Business Advisory

Supportive Leadership


Throughout the past year, supportive leadership has been more important than ever before, as employees’ wellness and mental health has suffered from a barrage of pandemic stressors. Join Alex Fallon, Team Lead & CEO at SREDA, and Leon Ferguson, President & CEO of STREAM Business Advisory, to explore the importance of supportive leadership. Learn how vulnerability, healthy boundaries, and “Focus Fridays” can take your team to the next level through increased productivity, creativity, and wellness.

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Adam Chomos

Bridges Health


Kyle Anderson

Bridges Health

Fostering Resiliency


Resilience is the process of adapting well in the face of adversity, trauma, tragedy, threats, and stress. In this session, participants gain a clear understanding of what resilience is and practical tools of how it can be developed over time. Explore the upside of stress and the power of optimism in overcoming challenges in our lives.


Shawna Percy

Life Voice

Suicide Prevention & Safety Planning


Did you know thoughts of suicide are part of the human experience for about 14% of the population? Because these thoughts cross all demographics, we have an opportunity to prepare ourselves for what we, or someone we care about, may experience tomorrow. Whether for a friend, colleague, or your own well-being, join us to discuss what thoughts of suicide are really trying to tell us, why they happen, and a brief introduction to safety planning.


Anjeanette Corbeil

Healing to the Max

Jill Cowan

Healing to the Max

Grief & Loss


Join the co-founders of “Healing to the Max” for this powerful session on finding hope through complex grief and loss. Explore a unique relationship with grief, moving away from the traditional goal of closure and towards Saying Hello Again. This session and “Healing to the Max” derive from a mother’s powerful pledge to choose life and love eternally after losing her son to suicide.


Tanner Perratt

Possibilities Recovery Center

Kayla MacKay

Possibilities Recovery Center

Addictions & Recovery


Join the Possibilities Recovery team for this evidence-based session on addiction. Gain an understanding of how to recognize signs and symptoms of addiction in yourself and others. We will walk through the Stages of Change model going into and coming out of an addiction, and learn practical tools to foster meaningful change in yourself or your loved ones.

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We're All In This Together

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​The funds from this year’s Breaking Barriers event will be donated to Possibilities Recovery Center (PRC). PRC is Saskatchewan’s first and only Intensive Outpatient Addiction Treatment program. Individuals receive group and individual psychotherapy support to overcome the trials, tribulations, and triggers of daily life. PRC offers a thorough, evidence-based program that supports individuals through the various stages of change and equips them with the tools necessary to maintain lasting, life-altering change. The development of their new telehealth-style treatment program allows individuals in remote locations to receive support, additional to clients located in Saskatoon and surrounding areas who attend in-person sessions.

Funds and awareness raised through Breaking Barriers will allow PRC to support more individuals through expansion and delivery of services on a sliding scale. With the combination of a passionate team, an evidence-based program, and a quality delivery method that PRC continues to mark multiple successes in recovery from substance or behavioural addictions throughout the community.

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