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When "I" is Replaced with "We", Even Illness Becomes Wellness






What is Bridges Health?

Bridges Health is one of the nation’s finest multidisciplinary workplace wellness resources offering holistic health and wellness strategies and solutions within organizations across Canada. 

Our Goal: To support and assist individuals and employers in ‘bridging the gap’ between work, life, and leisure.  We are your health and wellness ‘quarterback’, assisting with the logistics of enhancing organizational culture and overall wellness.

As a working population, we spend over half of our lives in the workplace. Becoming an organization that supports its employees in their time of need will not only enhance the lives of the people who are the backbone of your company, but will also improve your bottom line in the process.

Tailored To You:  We provide organizations with programs and services that assist and support individuals and employers that are struggling with presenteeism, absenteeism, injury, illness, mental health, and individual rehabilitation.

For over 20 years, Bridges Health has developed and molded our creative, tailor-made programs that have the ability to be easily integrated into any organization, no matter the size, industry, or location. We pride ourselves on being an award-winning organization that offers an individualized approach, interactively supporting people and organizations. In November 2018, Bridges Health was accepted under the patronage of the Lieutenant Governor of Saskatchewan, His Honour the Honourable W. Thomas Molloy.

By implementing early intervention strategies, psychological health and safety initiatives, employee health support, injury prevention programs, return-to-work coordination, or consulting with your existing staff in these areas with our best business practices; our staff continually demonstrate our values in being respectful, compassionate, objective, resourceful, and efficient. 


Healthy People · Safe Workplaces · Strong Communities

Our Values:

· Compassionate Interactions

· Effective Interdisciplinary Teamwork

· Commitment to Innovation and Versatility

· Excellence in Customer Service

Psychological Health & Safety

Employee Health Support

Injury Prevention


Meet The Executive Team

Garry Derenoski

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President, CEO

Leon Ferguson

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Vice President

The Administration Team

Laurie Sprung

Finance Manager

Courtney Murrison

Executive Assistant

Stephanie Tingley

Administrative Coordinator/
Executive Assistant

Mr. Boo Rodgers

CEO - Chief Energy Optimizer

Gone But Not Forgotten

2004 - 2019

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When "I" is Replaced with "We", Even Illness Becomes Wellness